We LOVE simple, clean designs with hand finish details.

Passionate about the talent and unique creations of Latin America. Amazed by the pure materials and the story behind of those who handcrafting them, we want children in America to enjoy high-quality sustainable products while they play and dream.

Committed to slow fashion to reduce the environmental and social impact. We love to see our creations be handed down to siblings, cousins and friends thanks to our durable and sustainable fabrics, that get cozier wash by wash, year after year.

We are Carolina and Catalina, two Chilean sisters with the same dream; mothers of 3 kids each, Sebastian, Clemente, Isidora, Olivia, Jose Pedro and BegoƱa. We are a passionate family that prioritizes a creative and playful life. Inspired by our own children, with your children in mind, we are thankful for supporting our adventure.